Metadata Cloud Compiler Solutions
At our core is the world's only "Programmable Metadata Compiler" that we have used for the past 15 years as a development platform to modernize the upgrades of back-end systems.  
Company Strategy
ObjectRiver is opening up our technology to other consulting companies and end-users in effort to expose our technology to interested parties. We believe that this will simplify programming and will become the new norm.

We have built a templating engine that rivals anything in existence, If you have a metadata project, contact us.
Releasing FREE Toolkits
ObjectRiver has decided to share the technology that has made us a successful consulting company. We are open sourcing our development toolkits, so that your progrmmers quickly become gurus. More releases to come.
Watch our YouTube videos
Microservices Rest/Docker Videos.
Microservices WebSockets/Docker Videos.

ObjectRiver introduces Node Microservices / Docker integration with No Programming

ObjectRiver introduces Java to Salesforce Microservices integration with No Programming

Developers Wanted!
We need REST language mappings.