Metadata Cloud Compiler Solutions
At our core is the world's only "Programmable Metadata Compiler" that we have used for the past 15 years as a development platform to modernize the upgrades of back-end systems.  
Company Strategy
ObjectRiver is opening up our technology to other consulting companies and end-users in effort to expose our technology to interested parties. We believe that this will simplify programming and will become the new norm.

We have built a templating engine that rivals anything in existence, If you have a metadata project, contact us.
Releasing FREE Toolkits
ObjectRiver has decided to share the technology that has made us a successful consulting company. We are open sourcing our development toolkits, so that your progrmmers quickly become gurus. More releases to come.
Watch our YouTube videos
Microservices Rest/Docker Videos.
Microservices WebSockets/Docker Videos.

This FastAPI video was ban from playing on a YouTube training site because it was short!

Building SaaS Applications with WebSockets

published on Free Code Camp

Learn Angular & WebSockets with real examples.

ObjectRiver has Free Open Source WebSocket implementation for Angular, Java, and Typescript/Node.js.

The value of a good programming example is priceless. "Hello World" and "WebSocket Chat" examples really don't give you enough information to start building your own application. Watch this video to show you how to jump start programming with Angular and WebSockets.

To good to be true? Watch this video.

WebSockets callbacks into Angular!

Creating Callbacks into Angular is as easy as defining callback methods.
Which this and see!

Developers Wanted!
We need REST language mappings.