Download HTML5/WebSocket Compiler
ObjectRiver has developed a WebSocket Metadata compiler for the emerging JSR356 Java WebSocket API. This product highlights the strength of our Cloud Compiler by generating complete WebSocket sources that are compliant to the standard API.

We believe our Community Edition of this technology will kickstart the development of WebSocket applications.
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Download WebSocket here
Product and Services Company
We work with companies to automate the transition of existing solutions to modern technology's; We call this legacy modernization.

We leverage industry standards whenever possible and are on the leading edge of releasing a HTML5/WebSockets compiler solution that complies with the JSR356 industry standard.

Metadata :
  • Database metadata
  • Procedural metadata
  • PL/SQL
  • C header files
  • GUI Screen definitions
  • Transactional events
  • Proprietary application config data

HTML5/WebSockets Compiler Release

Coming soon! The first two cloud compiler projects to be released.

Proof of Concept
If you have a solution or conversion that requires metadata. Click here.

If you are interested in what's inside, here is a high level view.

Metadata Cloud Compiler Solutions
At our core is the world's only "Programmable Metadata Compiler" that we have used for the past 10 years as a development platform to modernize the upgrades of back-end systems.