Proof Of Concept

We are trying to be more of a product company than a consulting company. We are intrigued in solving problems that can provide automated solutions. In our POC process, YOU the customer build the first part of the POC to prove out the solution.

Step 1: If you have a problem that you think has enough metadata ( insert files here ), then we would do a free consolation to look at your metadata.

Step 2: The next step would be for you or a consultant in the area of expertise to build a prototype of what the target transformation would look like. This would be built from referencing a small fragment of metadata, so we could understand the mapping.

Step3: If the prototype that you built looked promising, we would engage in a for pay POC to develop the parser and backend to our compiler to let you generate the solution. If the solution was for a industry problem involving a platform, we would partner with you to develop a commercial conversion.

The end result would be a conversion that could be executed over the internet with our cloud compiler.